Reese and a few dickie bows…

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Reese and a few dickie bows…


Where are the months going to? Please time slowwww down!! My baby is growing far too fast. But getting cuter by the day.

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Boy how cute is he!!? I am biased i know…i can’t stop photographing him. I am addicted. This dickie bow he wore when only 3 days old for his first photos taken by me. I plan to use it for his 12 month shoot too. I have a model on my hands! Poor wee pet has eczema and its really bad on his shoulders especially, I’ve been using all creams and he is now on a diary free diet. I have retouched it in a few but to be honest not had time to fix the others yet – but he is still adorable!! 


Reese-60 Reese-59 Reese-57 Reese-54 Reese-61 Reese-65 Reese-49 Reese-47 Reese-45 Reese-43 Reese-39 Reese-27 Reese-19 Reese-15 Reese-16 Reese-8 Reese-12 Reese-29 Reese-44



So we went to Jamaica! Yea man! It was with my mum, just the 3 of us. A free holiday through my parents shop and Hotpoint, there was no way i was gonna turn it down. Reese was amazing on the flight and we had a ball. Lots of big birthdays this year in our family – Mum is 50 in July, i am 30 in October and my precious Reese is 1 in October!! While on holiday we got a few photographs taken at the resort, lovely to be in front of the lens for a change.

Shadean Thomas Photography (1 of 16) Shadean Thomas Photography (13 of 16)

Yes i am obsessed with braces & dickie bows! 

Shadean Thomas Photography (7 of 16) copy Shadean Thomas Photography (2 of 16) jam86 jam13 jam4i jam7 jam6 46 jam1 jam2 jam3 jam5


A few iPhone ones….we had a ball. Holiday to remember. 

image_1 image_2 image_3 image

I may get snapping for June! Ha 🙂 he is on the move and there is BOUND to be a tooth any day! 

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