How to plan for your Session.

How to plan for your Session.

Here is a few questions i get asked many many times, below is a few wee pointers to help you along!

What time should i pick?

For little ones make sure to try and pick a time that suits them – i know babies routine’s change regular but don’t pick a time when you know they usually nap – also if your kids are tired after school – then pick a Saturday or a Half Term slot. I do feel most babies and kids are at their best in the morning – talking from experience here as a mama of 3! I get many asking “Do you do evening appointments?” I sure do but i feel they are not ideal for young kids, i have never as yet photographed my 3 at night – not until they are older anyway!

Make sure they are well fed and watered – i have emergency treats for bribing if need be – but welcome to bring your own wee treats – nothing too messy – please no cheesy wotsits – ahhh orange stained lips are not a good look!

Tell them they will have fun at my Studio (Or Location)! I want relaxed, happy kids to photograph, i am well used to kids – do not panic!

For Winter months, for Lifestyle sessions, mornings to lunch are best for light outdoors. During the Summer for older family sessions around 7pm is perfect for golden hour.

What to wear?

I always say keep it simple and be comfortable! Personally i am not a fan of formal – shirts WITH tie’s, you will feel hot and bothered and will not be relaxed.

I love kids/babies with no socks or shoes – so simple 🙂

Hairbands, necklaces can add interest, think of your child’s hair too – if their fringe needs trimmed or a wee cut is needed.

Make sure the clothes fit well, kids grow so quick. I am not a fan of items being too baggy or rolled up.

Coordinate but don’t match the whole family –  be yourself! Siblings can be cute in matching outfits or similar when close in age.

Avoid logos, neon shades, loud patterns – soft and simple – pastel shades always, ALWAYS look good!

Avoid dark colours – unless we are doing a Portrait Session on a Black Background with Black & White Images in mind.

Bring an extra outfit or 2 if your not sure, i can help on the day.

I do love to see some skin – wee boys with just jeans, babies with nappies or a peachy bum out or a wee wrap over their bum, wee girls in a vest – it is just beautiful. My favourite images of my kids are these!

For Lifestyle sessions, dress for the season and wear layers so you can change it up, a blazer, hats, tights, scarf etc or if it gets too warm these can be removed.

Don’t forget to think about the shoes – for Lifestyle sessions i love a pop of colour on the kids, so many gorgeous shoes and boots! Just make sure they are not too ratty – used for football too many times 🙂

Newborn sessions are mainly bare or wrapped, as all clothes are big on them when they are just brand new, but bring along a few bits if you have items you love or blankets,hats. I have loads of gorgeous knitted blankets, wraps, hats and hairbands for tiny ones.

Remember to JUST BE YOU and ENJOY creating these memories for you and your children.

I cannot wait to photograph you!


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