Newborn Sessions

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Newborn Sessions

How adorable are these wee dudes below! If your expecting & wanting Newborn photographs – contact me now before baby arrives. Once baby arrives, you will be in a bubble and not have a minute to think about contacting me and if you do he/she may be 4-6 weeks old… under 2/3 weeks old (under 2 is best) is the ideal time as baby is still sleepy and easy to position. If wanting to book, i provisionally pencil a few dates into my diary around your due date and once baby arrives, just send me a wee text to say he/she is here safe and we finalise it.  A session with a Newborn takes 2-3 hours, loads of time for feeds and settling. Can include mum/dad/siblings also. Then you have these memories to cherish forever!

Contact me for more info, April-May is pretty busy already.

Meet Harry… & his big Twin sisters!

Meet Henry…

Adore Newborn Sessions, they may take a few hours but i get plently of cuddles!

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