Henri & Caitlin at home

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Henri & Caitlin at home

Meet two of the cutest siblings i know!! Our good friends Richie & Mel – Congratulations on baby Henri! (This blog is so LATE and behind!!)

A dote he is. I am sure these will be the first of many photographs taken by me! On New Years Day, i popped down to theirs for a cuppa with Reese while hubby was in bed – a little unwell shall we say…we literally only spent 5 minutes doing these on their sofa and living room floor before the wee man was hungry, but we got loads!

Reese and Henri are gonna be best buds with only a few weeks difference in age!

Doesn’t Henri look like such a wee Rock Star in this below?!

HenriCaitlin-5 HenriCaitlin-7 HenriCaitlin-18 BWHenriCaitlin-47 BWHenriCaitlin-40 BWHenriCaitlin-38 BWHenriCaitlin-33 BWHenriCaitlin-36 BWHenriCaitlin-27 BWHenriCaitlin-25

BWHenriCaitlin-20 BWHenriCaitlin-24 BWHenriCaitlin-16 BWHenriCaitlin-14 BWHenriCaitlin-13 HenriCaitlin-31

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