Our family Photos…

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Our family Photos…

My life is behind the lens so i vowed that when Dalpo ( his nickname in my tummy since i am Dalzell-Potts, my mum named him Dalpo and it has stuck since – we still call him it now! ) arrived i would make sure i had plenty of photographs of him with mummy for the future, as i truly feel photographs are lovely to have for now, but it is down the line that they mean so much more.

My lovely friend Janine Walker – who just so happens to be a fabulous photographer offered to document this special time in our lives. It was pretty perfect that Janine did the photographs for us, as she was the first friend i told about Dalpo! Back in February one cold Monday we were at a photography workshop together in Dublin and the Sunday night before i had got a positive test result and i was so in shock still that even though it was very early days i just had to tell her – to talk to someone about it!! She was very excited about Dalpo’s arrival and us with our two baby boys will have plenty of coffee dates ahead!

I adore these photographs – even though i have excess weight on and had many sleepless nights – he was only about 9 days old here, they show the realness of this time in our lives. Now i have the difficult decision of which one to get printed huge?! I am running out of wall space already!

9 days old…

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Bless you!

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