Doherty Family at home

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This is probably one of my favourite shoots. This family were perfect to photograph in their beautiful home, 4 weeks after baby Sienna came home. Isn’t she just gorgeous? I was pregnant when i took these and they made me feel so excited about the arrival of my baby! I can’t believe i didn’t post this before now!!

BAD Sara!! I hope to do many more shoots like this over the Summer. I feel happiest doing Lifestyle shoots.

Its a long post, so sit back and enjoy! 


bw-75 bw-73 bw-72 bw-60 bw-57 bw-54 bw-53 bw-52 bw-49 bw-47 bw-46 family-115 family-114 family-52

family-117 family-121 family-127 bw-122 bw-132 bw-131 bw-2 bw-3 bw-8




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bw-59 family-60 family-66


family-28 family-22 family-32 family-15 family-17

family-113 family-108 family-92 family-90 family-89 family-99bw-100

Such a happy family!!

bw-103 bw-105

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