A change from white

A change from white

For the past year or more, i have been experimenting with various background colours – soft creams, greys, rusts, browns… I love these with bare bum cheeky 6 month olds, kids in soft pastels and older kids with family in creams/whites….LOVE!

I can’t wait to try more shades this year, LOADS of exciting sessions planned over the next few months. I’ve also got a new Cherub Session Offer for 6-9 month old babies, as you can see from a few below at that stage it is such a CUTE stage as they sit up, love tummy time and have the personality to ROCK their session! Contact me for more info & the special offer price.


10548035_10152544218604854_1078911151396116319_o 10626397_10152617923689854_9165658556535071454_o 10683677_10152805628039854_5487649570799873562_o 10911241_10152981242484854_3804255132537209956_o 10918920_10152948095029854_3109366884028160341_o 10991576_10153076060244854_7692939803475388896_o 10997046_10153077033069854_4211407217081631148_o  11041896_10153077033144854_5276388952794670648_o 11043234_10153065755689854_3024213433991751141_o 10446151_10152793495994854_3071095507524004620_o


10272532_10153044739774854_3465051677078288094_o 10947409_10153034929079854_3965221456715938376_o Sadie-1 copy

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  1. Gillian Murphy
    July 22, 2015


    I was interested in the Cherub session, my daughter will be six months this week. Can you give me some information on it.

    Many thanks



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